2020: The Passwordless Decade

A session by George Avetisov

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About this session

As we enter the passwordless decade, more and more organizations are asking the question - How quickly can I move beyond passwords?

George Avetisov, CEO of HYPR, will discuss the rise of organizations moving to the cloud, how the perimeter fades and the attack surface gets larger.

Modern tools such as SNIPR and Modlishka make it easier for hackers to launch large-scale automated attacks, bringing credential re-use and two-factor-authentication attacks to record highs. How did we get here, and will mainstream adoption of passwordless security have an impact?

We will explore how the rise of virtual desktop infrastructure has affected workstation login and review how the evolution of authentication has impacted organizations' identity and access management systems.

In this session, you'll learn:

• Why is Credential Reuse at All-time Highs?

• How has Authentication Evolved?

• Why this is the Passwordless Decade

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